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All the top best free advertising sites listed at this site. Convenient login links to all your favorite free advertising sites such as link exchanges, lisrb…

Swell is an Alert Service for Website Traffic

Last week I launched a new service with Tom, and our friend Nap, called Swell. It’s a service that anyone with a website or blog needs. The idea is simple: When there’s an abnormal amount of people on your site, you want to know it’s happening, and why. Instantly.

Give Me an Example!

Imagine a popular blog or news site links to a post you’ve written, or a product you’ve created, or even an album you’ve released. Because of this, the amount of people on your site spikes. You’d want to know about that, right? With Swell, we’ll immediately tell you it’s happening, and why, via email, text or phone call.

So How Does Swell Work?

Swell tracks the amount of people currently viewing your site, and when that amount crosses a threshold you set, we alert you to it.

Can you relate it to like real world and stuff?

Hmmm real world? Like an actual location you go to? Interesting. Ok, imagine you own a restaurant, and a week ago a popular restaurant reviewer dinned at your establishment, had an incredible meal, was treated like royalty, and afterwards decided to review your restaurant in the New York Times. Now let’s say that review got published on Friday, but you didn’t hear about it yet. You came into work that day, got your food ready for the busy night’s crowd, and the next thing you know, 4 times the typical amount of people show up! Incredible right!? Yeah, it would be, if you didn’t run out of food at 8pm. Boooo. But if you would have been alerted immediately, to this glowing review, you’d be able to prepare a little better. You’d call in the people who were off that night. Grab a bunch of extra staples, like steak and seafood. You’d make sure you had enough wine, and beer on tap. Essentially, you’d be ready to nurture that crowd and show them you really give a damn about their experience.

That’s what Swell does for you. But like, in the fake internet world.

What About The Future?

Swell can be useful in so many other ways too. For instance, what if you actually ran the server the site was hosted on? If there were a rush of people going to the site, you’d like to know why, of course, but you’d also like to check on your servers, and see if they were holding up. Imagine knowing that your servers were about to be pushed to their limits. That’s pretty important information. I know first hand that every single minute counts, when trying to handle, out of the blue, spikes in traffic.

We have plans for a bunch of other really slick Swell features. All based around the idea of instant alerting via email, text or phone call. If you’re interested in using the service, it’s completely free right now. Head over to the homepage, and request access.


How to Increase Your Traffic Without Using Any Marketing Strategies

Author: seorankwinz

Marketing is definitely one of the determinative factors enhancing success of any online business.  Most business owners are fully focused on such traditional traffic generation strategies as link building, consequently losing many potential customers.

The following strategies can help you increase your website’s traffic significantly without any marketing.

1. Add Long-Tail Keywords to Your Pages

Of course, most of people prefer focusing on short terms because they are easier to research and identify.  However, in fact, about 85% of the traffic you can receive from “long-tail” queries that include 3-6 words.

As a rule, long-tail keywords are easier to convert at a higher rate than short ones.  Here is the way how you can take advantage of long-tail variations and increase your traffic considerably: 

v  Identify Long-Tail Modifiers

For example, you are a Logitech C310 webcam seller and want to optimize our page to rank for searches. Google Keyword Tool can help you find all the long-tail variations. Then look at the bottom of the search results, where Google displays related searches. The related searches for the term “Logitech C310” look as follows: 

v  Get these Modifiers into Your Page Copy

If the Logitech C310 page is optimized for “Logitech C310” in the least, you don’t have to insert each long-tail phrase word-for-word into the page. Alternatively, it would be better to use the unique variations of “Logitech C310” in order to expect being well-ranked for it.

Make sure the words highlighted below appeared on our page:

All of these modifiers included into the copy provide the potentially strong opportunity to rank for a larger range of queries. 

2. Stand Out with Quality Snippets

Quality snippets are search listings, which include brief product review, availability info and price.  Snippets provide more detailed information about the certain website or service or product from the search results page without visiting it.

Quality snippets are a very powerful tool to increase a website traffic by up to 25%.  

v  Video Thumbnails 

Video thumbnails appear alongside a page listing. Video thumbnails also increase the click through rate of the associated pages. 

3. Write Strong Titles and Powerful Descriptions

The meta title and meta description are really important because they determine the way your page appears in the search results. By writing attractive titles and entertaining descriptions, you can stand out to searches.

When writing meta titles and meta descriptions, use marketing approach to it like you are writing an advertisement. Develop unique selling offers and highlight why your customer can benefit working with you.

4. Work with Your Internal Links

We all know that getting links from other websites is an effective traditional technique. However, just some people realize the importance of your own website’s structure and internal links. If you need to give a certain page a rankings increase, you should know that linking to it from existing high authority pages on your domain can pass authority and help the target page to rank better.


v  Make a list of high-value target pages you want to rank better

v  Identify your website pages, which currently have high authority

v  Add a link from your authority pages to your target pages.

v  Incorporate the link organically on the authority page with the usage of anchor text related to the keyword you want the target page to rank for.

Info presented by Rankwinz

Author: seorankwinz

Free Advertising At The Best Sites

All the top best free advertising sites listed at this site. Convenient login links to all your favorite free advertising sites such as link exchanges, listbuilders, text ad sites and safelists.

Email Hog Is The Best Free Advertising Site Online

Email Hog is a free to join member to member emailing service. Members earn credits by reading emails and you are guaranteed to get a 2% click-thru rate or y.


Are There Any Differences Between Manual and Autosurf Traffic Exchange

Author: danielbloger

For all those of you that don’t understand what a traffic exchange is, I will clarify that it is a website that you join, and consent to view other websites to members to possess them view yours. This could be considered a great type of promotion just because a real person reaches the other end-of the computer watching your website, where you’ll be selling your product, or service. That seems like an excellent, but how can you get traffic exchanges to work with you?

There are lots of websites that lets you know to participate countless traffic exchanges, to obtain the reward. Yes it looks good, but big mistake! You will probably never have it if you just joined to obtain the reward the traffic trade offers. Why? Therefore if you thought you were likely to escape there. Your Wrong! The worse part is the fact that if you joined to obtain the reward, the traffic trades often won’t place your site into rotation until you’ve activated your account. Therefore don’t venture out, and do this you’ll only be losing your valuable time. Afterwards in the content I’ll tell you how you’ll have the ability to take advantage of numerous traffic exchanges, and the right way to get it done.

There are two kinds of traffic trades as possible join.

AutoSurf is precisely what’s says automated. I understand you may be convinced that this can be a positive thing. Wrong again. You’ll be going about your company, and placing it, when you put up a computerized search. Very few.

It contain more than 40 guide surf traffic exchanges, that are placed in to models that you can surf applying Mozilla Firefox tabbed visitor.

I’m not giving a poor label; to them it just doesn’t benefit me. Nevertheless, there are car surfs out there that you may join, and they’ll pay you to make use of their service. It’s very little but over a time period, it’ll accumulate. Since is still another article all alone. If you’re thinking about using car surfs what I would recommend that you do would be to do your analysis, and know what you’re engaging in.

Now we shall discuss Manual Traffic Exchanges. When you’ll find other people sitting behind the other end-of the computer, hitting a particular picture to see the website a manual traffic trade is. There’s a live person, to determine your website, and not really a couch potato, chilling out on the couch hoping he can get rich from car surf traffic exchanges. If your website or offer is interesting enough for the audience they’ll stop, and take a look at everything you need to offer. That part is your decision.

It’s recommended as it’s that you don’t just market your affiliate site if you’re considering selling an affiliate program the traffic exchanges. You most likely will have the ability to obtain sign-ups, although not that lots of. A splash page is your viewers that are teased by an one-page site about your service or product. An advantage shows the client the way the solution is likely to be in a position to make their life easier. Everybody else needs to create things easier.

Author: danielbloger

Guaranteed OPENED Emailer Site Is A Game-Changer

Marty Petrizza has done it again! She introduced guaranteed click-thru rates with EMAIL HOG and now she introduces:

Guaranteed Opened emails!

You simply choose how many opened emails that you wish to send out and credits are ONLY spent if that email gets opened!

Think about this:

At regular listbuilders or safelists well over 70% of those emails are never even opened! And in many cases the member is upgraded but STILL is not getting any real reach from the emails sent.

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Tips On Finding Good Free Advertising Online

The Problems With Free Advertising

First I wanted to start with identifying some typical problems you will encounter when trying to use free advertising sites to promote your site. Many of these types of sites do not display their user count. So when you join, you may have no idea that there are only seventy five total members and that the site is two weeks old. Any optional upgrades will only be worth it if and when the site grows big. So always know how many members the site has before spending time or money at the site.

Another good practice is to use the support contact form to ask the admin a question and see how long it takes to get a response, or if the site owner responds at all. If and when he or she responds, get to know them and you can sometimes get a feel for the sites overall value to you.

Look at the sites design and overall look. Does it look so simple that you could do the html yourself or does it look professional? Many times if a free advertising site is a waste of time the sites design will not look very impressive either.

Next I will get more specific about what to look for before wasting your time or money at free advertising sites.


Do Your Research Before You Leap!

Why Is The Advertising Free Anyway?

There are several types of sites that offer free advertising. There are Traffic Exchanges where you earn credits for surfing which you then spend to get your pages seen by the other members. These tend to lean towards the business opportunity market so you wont be selling your coffee table in there. For that sort of thing you could try online classified ad sites instead. I created a site which explains all this and more with good information on some great free ad sites. To give it a visit click here.

Should I Upgrade at Any Of These Sites?

Most free advertising sites are a gamble to upgrade in because you never know if that site will even be online next year. However there are a few indicators you can look at.

Does this site have over 5000 members? You need a large amount of users to advertise to because the response rates are so small.

How long has this site been online? You can go to what is called a “Whois domain lookup” site, which will tell you the exact date that the site was created. Generally the longer they’ve been online the better.

What are people saying about this site at forums or in Facebook? If the site owner is a thief a simple Bing search will bring up threads where people are complaining about them. So do your research it only takes a minute.

If after you do these things everything looks good, then it might be OK to upgrade in that one. But you have to be very careful and choosy about what free advertising site you upgrade in.

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