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Honest Advertising Or Doublespeak?

by on Sep.17, 2013, under Uncategorized

By far the most commonly used method of “legal deception” in advertising is a little known word called doublespeak.
This is done by saying something innocent in such a way as to make the listener assume he said something else.
Take the old slogan “4 out of 5 dentists agree that chewing trident gum helps fight cavities”. Which word would you say is the doublespeak word? In this simple example it is “helps”. After all, rinsing your mouth out with water “helps” right? They did not say how much it helps, only that it helps. The trick is to get the listener to hear a little more than you really said.

Sadly it is completely legal but easy enough to see through if you listen carefully.

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Overdone Advertising Techniques

by on Sep.14, 2013, under Uncategorized

In the advertising world, it has always been a game consisting of trial and error. Dream up, create, and run numerous advertisements and see what works and what doesn’t. But I see an odd thing developing. Too many advertisers coming to the same methodology conclusions and thus all of their ads look and feel exactly alike.

Take the drug companies on TV for example. Someone figured out long ago that a certain shade of greenish turquoise  was the best color to use as the ads dominant color for best advertising results. So now, if you pay closer attention this evening on television take notice of just how many different drug commercials have that exact shade of green all over their ads.

And ever since the old Advil commercial shot their commercial in black and white and superimposed the color onto their pill (remember the slogan “little..yellow…different”?) companies lacing their black and white ads with areas of that greenish turquoise color are very common as well.

But eventually, these commonly successful methods become over-used by everyone at once reducing their effectiveness and even causing people (like me) to focus on oddly overused color schemes instead of just reacting in an emotional way like the company originally intended.

So this opens the door for creativity. Now it is very easy for a new company, if it is brave enough to go off the path and try something new, to stand out from the crowd simply by being the only one who is not using the same method everyone else is using.

Right now on the internet this concept is hard at work as well and anyone wishing to reach huge numbers of people needs a fresh new approach because their are literally billions of people doing mostly the same things to attract customers and interest. perhaps now more than ever, it is time to think outside the box where advertising is concerned. The video below has some great examples of creative, effective ads.


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Is Online Advertising Being Replaced?

by on Sep.12, 2013, under Uncategorized

The advent of social media has changed the entire advertising landscape on today’s internet. It seems people will put more trust in a brand that they hear about in Facebook than they will when they hear of that same brand in an advertisement. Retailers are beginning to take notice too, setting up fan pages designed for interaction. The name of the game now, is to have a lot of “mentions” on Facebook and all other social media. These “mentions” are picked up by the major search engines and used as an indicator of public opinion and thus give the brand higher rank in the search engines result pages {or serps for short). Then, along with all of the FREE word of mouth the brand is getting from social media, the search engines start sending huge traffic and you now have yourself a successful business model. As long as your product or service in interesting enough to get shared virally (due to high quality) then using social media in harmony with the search engines is free and is your best way forward. If you product or service is somewhat of a small niche that doesn’t get talked about that much, old fashioned advertising might work better. But this can be a bad thing, because a search engine could easily surmise that since you need to advertise your product or service, it must not be that good or it would be popular on Facebook. So simply by placing advertisements you could be signalling Google that you are not very popular.

So it seems that the old fashioned advertising methods will be fading more and more as social interaction begins to feed more public opinion data to the big retailers and business giants of the world. But for now, good old banner ads still help!

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Found A Great New Free Advertising Site!

by on May.04, 2013, under Uncategorized

This one is nearly as cool as Email-hog! In fact, it is the closest I’ve come yet to finding a site that keeps up with Email-hog in terms of results.

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So You Say Free Advertising Doesn’t Work?

by on Mar.25, 2013, under Uncategorized

I hear some folks beating the drum saying that free ad sites such as safelists, list-builders and traffic
exchanges do not work. These people claim that the reason for this, is that all the members are only out for themselves and wanting a response to their ads, and have no real interest in your ads other than to earn credits. And at first glance, this can make sense but there is something else going on here too.
You see, all those “other members” are known advertisers of affiliate programs. So regardless of how small the response rate might be, the users are laser targeted. They are quite literally the exact type of person you are looking for.

So the smart marketers, knowing that these “other advertisers” are perfectly targeted, custom tailor their ads with a fellow marketer in mind. A common strategy is to offer something that all marketers could make use of building their business. Rather than lead with your MLM program link, instead lead off with a good free advertising link or other useful tool that the marketer can use, and thereby begin thinking of YOU as a useful contact. Many marketers now-a-days will learn about the latest new money maker but These guys don’t just join under the first affiliate page they read it from, they first will read your page and then decide who to join under based on who they know that deserves their commission and who will be the best partner to them down the road. Your page just alerted them to the program.

So in short, when using free advertising sites it is best to use it as a contact generating system rather than strictly direct sales.

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by on Mar.02, 2013, under Uncategorized

MarketersList Is another very well run site. I think last time I looked they were up to around 4500 members or so ready to read your emails.


free advertising sites

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Email Hog: Still My favorite

by on Mar.02, 2013, under Uncategorized

This site guarantees you’ll get at least a 2% click-thu rate or you get your credits back and can mail again with no more surfing! And that’s just one of the really cool different things about this free advertising site of around 5500 members ready to read your emails.

free advertising sites

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